Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's the Great Minnesota Get-together

Hi there, just got back from the MN State Fair...full of the best Reuben Sandwich on the planet and the longest corn dogs you have ever seen...if I wasn't on my feet 14 hrs a day for 12 days...I'd look like the great hog that took the blue ribbon this year!

We had a great crew and it was quite a successful show...I'm now laying on the couch at home for a few days recouperating!!!!


Chappell Family said...

You're a blogger now! Yeah! Wish I was at the fair with you, I would have taken care of the eating part for you! I miss that place, and the fried cheese curds! I'm glad everything was good for you out there! Come up and see us, we have 3 horse in Driggs and one more is coming this week, we are needing a few more riders! Love You!

Nathan and Jordan said...

Aunt Judy!!!! It's Jordan! How are you?! So happy to see that you have a blog too :) I'm still living in California...and everytime I go up to Beverly Hills I think of you :)

Nathan and Jordan said...

Tell everyone at Sachi I said HI!!!!! Eddie is so sweet :)
Next time we are out in Arizona, I will give you the heads have to meet Nathan and Kingston for sure!
take care :)